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working with food vendors to get a great price

Having worked as the head cook at our favorite campground for the last ten years, I have experienced several issues with food suppliers. As a non-profit organization, we work to provide our campers a great selection of food without the costs increasing and making it difficult for the campers to spend their summers with us. I have learned a lot about picking and choosing the food vendors that we work with and have put together a website to help others working with vendors get the best possible prices on high-quality foods. Hopefully, my experience can help others maintain a good budget while preparing wonderful meals.

Three Types of Heat That Are Present in Barbecue Sauce

If you love barbecue sauce, especially when it's hot and spicy, it can be fun to shop at various retailers in person and online until you're able to find the perfect sauce that will make your taste buds tingle. Where spice is concerned, it's often the case that you'll come across sauces that have different types of spice. Unless you know exactly what type of sauce you prefer, you may wish to buy a few different bottles — making sure that they have different types of heat — so that you can sample them and evaluate which one you like best. Here are three types of heat that you'll often come across in barbecue sauce.

1. Sweet Heat

Many types of spicy barbecue sauces have sweet heat, which essentially means that while the predominant taste in your mouth might be heat, you'll also be aware of a lot of sweetness. Sometimes, sauces simply get the sweet flavor through sugar or brown sugar, but there are a number of other ingredients that can be present to help achieve this taste. For example, some sauces use maple syrup and honey, which can be ideal because in addition to providing sweetness, they also provide their own unique taste. For many people, the combination of sweet and heat can be a pleasing mix.

2. Fruity Heat

Another type of heat that you may come across with certain types of spicy barbecue sauce is what you might describe as fruity heat. As this name suggests, these are sauces that have fruity flavor notes in addition to plenty of heat. Sauce companies use different methods to add the flavor of fruit to their sauces. Pineapple is one common ingredient, as it provides not only a fruity flavor that pairs well with heat, but also provides some sweetness. You'll likely also come across barbecue sauces that have a fruity taste because of the presence of apples.

3. Straight Heat

Sometimes, the sauces will have smoky notes because of the types of hot peppers used to give them their unique flavor. Often, these flavors will simply feel hot — rather than paired with a different flavor such as sweetness or fruitiness. While there's value in choosing a sauce that has a little more going for it in terms of flavor, it can also be enjoyable to buy one that is just plain hot. This can especially be true if you enjoy spicy food.