working with food vendors to get a great price

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working with food vendors to get a great price

Having worked as the head cook at our favorite campground for the last ten years, I have experienced several issues with food suppliers. As a non-profit organization, we work to provide our campers a great selection of food without the costs increasing and making it difficult for the campers to spend their summers with us. I have learned a lot about picking and choosing the food vendors that we work with and have put together a website to help others working with vendors get the best possible prices on high-quality foods. Hopefully, my experience can help others maintain a good budget while preparing wonderful meals.

Are You In Charge Of The Food For Your Next Business Meeting?

Are you the head of your department at work? Perhaps you are the owner of your own business, or it might be that you are an assistant to the president of the company. Whatever your position, if you are in charge of the food for your next business meeting, here are some ideas that might help you to plan a unique and satisfying meal either for the breakfast that will start your day or the meal that you will serve for your lunch break. Read More